Coggle – free mind mapping

Recently had cause to search out a mind mapping tool, either mac or cloud based.  Lots out there and for a while iThoughts was the favourite, especially as it had iOS and mac versions.  The £37.99 tag put me off a little as I probably only need this tool once in a blue moon.  Eventually I came across Coggle, a cloud based solution for the grand sum of £0. Continue reading Coggle – free mind mapping

iOS app

Been trying out the iOS app for WordPress and have to say I’m impressed. Generally I use joomla for most of the websites I create/manage but I thought I’d give WordPress a go for my personal site. The iOS app will be a godsend for creating blog posts when out and about from mobile devices, something joomla still struggles with. 

Tado smart thermostat

Being into gadgets I never pass up the opportunity to indulge.  I’ve been following the development of the various ‘smart’ home thermostats for a couple of months now, the likes of Nest, Tado and Hive.  A long running thread on Pistonheads (a great source of information and recommendations!) gave an insight into all of them from people actually using the tech. Continue reading Tado smart thermostat