Back to the factory it goes :-(

Following on from here where I was experiencing some issues with my naimuniti, I’m afraid the problem is still there.  The update went fine but the problem still exists.  I also have an error message cropping up quite regularly (Fault 59 Bridgeco signal lost – whatever that means!).I’ve been in touch with naim customer support and the uniti has to go back to naim.  That’ll be £330 for a fixed price service and repair, thank you very much.  So it’s box out of the attic time and a trip to PJ Hifi in Guildford for them to RMA the uniti to naim.

I hope it’s not away too long, it’s the hub of our home, not only for music but also for our movie surround sound.  The house is going to be very quiet without it.

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