Why is car buying so difficult?

We’re pondering a new car to replace our Mini Cooper convertible.  We’re pretty simple to please, it must be automatic, have heated seats, and a good stereo.  That’s about it.  As a second car it does about 5k miles a year so running costs aren’t really an issue.  We’re not fussed whether we buy brand new or up to a year old so you’d think it would be easy wouldn’t you? Continue reading Why is car buying so difficult?

Wellesley Woodlands walks

When I was training for my 100km in 3 days Frontline Walk earlier this year I was amazed at the variety of walks across a lot of the land surrounding Farnborough and Aldershot.  Caesar’s Camp for example, MOD land that stretches for miles and with some great views, even as far as London on a clear day. Continue reading Wellesley Woodlands walks

New NAS time

A failed disk in my Xpenology NAS mash-up has prompted a search for a new NAS.  Some 7 or 8 years ago I bought an HP EX490 MediaSmart server running Microsoft’s excellent Home Server OS.  Why they canned it I will never understand.  It was ideal for serving a family’s needs with shared storage, photo and media server etc etc, all with a simple to configure (but complex behind the scenes) disk raid array system. Continue reading New NAS time

Follow my walk

As the day of my 100km trek over 3 days in aid of the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is fast approaching, I have set up a blog so you can follow my progress.  I’ve added details of the route, my training, a little about the charity and most importantly how you can donate.  I’m intending to add a post at the end of day during the walk too.  You can access the blog at