iOS app

Been trying out the iOS app for WordPress and have to say I’m impressed. Generally I use joomla for most of the websites I create/manage but I thought I’d give WordPress a go for my personal site. The iOS app will be a godsend for creating blog posts when out and about from mobile devices, something joomla still struggles with. 

Tado smart thermostat

Being into gadgets I never pass up the opportunity to indulge.  I’ve been following the development of the various ‘smart’ home thermostats for a couple of months now, the likes of Nest, Tado and Hive.  A long running thread on Pistonheads (a great source of information and recommendations!) gave an insight into all of them from people actually using the tech. Continue reading Tado smart thermostat

Rapid progression

We’ve got a bit of an issue within the Lodge at the moment.  We have several members who are new, most of whom are currently on the Stewards bench, and some of whom have yet to take their 3rd degree.  We have a couple of ‘vacancies’ in the Lodge offices, these are currently filled by Past Masters who have no desire to progress but who are happy to fill in. Continue reading Rapid progression