Now I know why I ditched Microsoft all those years ago

I had a need to use a Windows 10 laptop, with a USB<–>rs232 cable.  It’s now over an hour since I switched the laptop on and I’m still waiting for Windows to update .NET and other rubbish.  Last week with my mac I plugged the cable in and was good to go in under 10 seconds.  Windows really does make it difficult to like it sometimes…

Firmware update – why does it fill me with dread?

My naimuniti was last updated (to version 3.xx) a few years ago to solve a buffering issue.  In the last few weeks it’s developed an annoying habit of initialising its network interface when streaming either radio or music from the NAS.  There is no pattern, it’s random, and sometimes doesn’t happen for days. Continue reading Firmware update – why does it fill me with dread?

New phone time

I’ve had the same mobile number for years, and somehow it has become my ‘work’ number.  Work are pretty flexible about using their phones for the odd personal use and I like the convenience of carrying just one phone around.  However, lately I’m getting fed up of not really being able to switch off work when away or at weekends.  The email app keeps pinging and of course you just have to look at it, even when on leave. Continue reading New phone time

New NAS time

A failed disk in my Xpenology NAS mash-up has prompted a search for a new NAS.  Some 7 or 8 years ago I bought an HP EX490 MediaSmart server running Microsoft’s excellent Home Server OS.  Why they canned it I will never understand.  It was ideal for serving a family’s needs with shared storage, photo and media server etc etc, all with a simple to configure (but complex behind the scenes) disk raid array system. Continue reading New NAS time

Tado smart thermostat update and review

So the tado smart thermostat has been in a couple of months now.  You can see my previous musings about it here and here.  To recap, it is a complete replacement for your existing thermostat, comprising a wireless room ‘stat, a control box that is plugged into your boiler, and a ‘dongle’ that is plugged into your router to communicate with both tado’s servers and your mobile phones. Continue reading Tado smart thermostat update and review