Now I know why I ditched Microsoft all those years ago

I had a need to use a Windows 10 laptop, with a USB<–>rs232 cable.  It’s now over an hour since I switched the laptop on and I’m still waiting for Windows to update .NET and other rubbish.  Last week with my mac I plugged the cable in and was good to go in under 10 seconds.  Windows really does make it difficult to like it sometimes…

New NAS time

A failed disk in my Xpenology NAS mash-up has prompted a search for a new NAS.  Some 7 or 8 years ago I bought an HP EX490 MediaSmart server running Microsoft’s excellent Home Server OS.  Why they canned it I will never understand.  It was ideal for serving a family’s needs with shared storage, photo and media server etc etc, all with a simple to configure (but complex behind the scenes) disk raid array system. Continue reading New NAS time

Coggle – free mind mapping

Recently had cause to search out a mind mapping tool, either mac or cloud based.  Lots out there and for a while iThoughts was the favourite, especially as it had iOS and mac versions.  The £37.99 tag put me off a little as I probably only need this tool once in a blue moon.  Eventually I came across Coggle, a cloud based solution for the grand sum of £0. Continue reading Coggle – free mind mapping

iOS app

Been trying out the iOS app for WordPress and have to say I’m impressed. Generally I use joomla for most of the websites I create/manage but I thought I’d give WordPress a go for my personal site. The iOS app will be a godsend for creating blog posts when out and about from mobile devices, something joomla still struggles with.