And a year flies by!

It’s been a while so a long overdue blog post.  It’s been a busy year – trips to Spain, Belgium (3 times!), France, and Iceland, a mix of work and pleasure.  Most of 2017 was spent training for my second go at 100km in 3 days along the Western Front.  I completed it in early October 2017 with my sister, we had a blog going so people could follow our progress.  Between us we managed to raise over £4,100 for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and we were well chuffed with ourselves.

Wellesley Woodlands walks

When I was training for my 100km in 3 days Frontline Walk earlier this year I was amazed at the variety of walks across a lot of the land surrounding Farnborough and Aldershot.  Caesar’s Camp for example, MOD land that stretches for miles and with some great views, even as far as London on a clear day. Continue reading Wellesley Woodlands walks

These boots are made for walking…

I may have mentioned several times on social media that I have signed up for ‘2015 Frontline Walk’ in aid of the ABF Soldier’s Charity.  This is a 100km walk over 3 days in the first week of October.  We’ll be walking the Western Front from Arras to Ypres.  As such, I needed a new pair of boots. Continue reading These boots are made for walking…

Felt like I needed a challenge, so in with both feet!

I’ve signed up for the Frontline Walk in aid of the Soldiers Charity.  It’s a gruelling 100km trek across France and Belgium over 3 days (which will probably be wet and cold) in October 2015.  It starts at the Lochnagar Crater and ends at the Menin Gate. Continue reading Felt like I needed a challenge, so in with both feet!