Data, data, data…

I’m off on my travels soon, visiting that former colony the good ole US of A, specifically Boston, the one in Massachusetts not Lincolnshire.  In this modern world I can’t face being without some type of connectivity, not to mention I need it to book my seats on the flight home.

I’m currently with Vodafone for work – easy I thought, enquire with work about Voda’s £3/day to roam and I’ll pay the necessary.  No can do says work.  Bugger, time to think again.

Work did intimate my trusty Galaxy S4 might be unlocked.  Quick swop of sims with SWMBO tesco sim and hey presto.  Result!  Some googling turned up Three’s ‘feel at home’ which is also available on a pay as you go sim.  Brill thinks I, so popped into the Three store in Basingstoke to ask for a PAYG sim with the necessary package.  “Can’t do that on PAYG” says the mouth breather in the store.  “You sure” says I, “your website says you can”.  “Dunno mate, don’t fink so”, or in other words “I can’t be arsed to help”.  Nice to see customer service is still so prevalent on our high streets.

Back home, hit and ordered the PAYG sim with the £15 add on, this one in fact, which gives me 3000 texts, 300 minutes and all you can eat data (except abroad when you’re capped at 25GB).  The sim arrived in 2 days, dropped it into my phone to activate it, job done.

Apparently all I need to do in Boston is make sure roaming is enabled on my phone and away I go.  4G, 25GB of data and free calls/texts to other UK numbers.  It couldn’t be easier and it’s cheaper than paying the frankly rip-off $10/day for the hotel wifi, which you just know will be limited to a measly 0.5Mbps and so fit for nothing.  I was hoping eduroam would be available in Boston but it seems it’s only around the University and Harvard (miles from where I’ll be staying), and not city wide like we have in several university cities across the UK.

So, for those of you who are connected via FB and other means, if you get updates from me next week you know it’s worked.  If it doesn’t work I’m not sure I’ll be coming home as BA insist on booking your return seats via the web, and only open bookings 24 hours before the flight.  Technology eh?  It’s great when you have network access, pants when you don’t.

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