Firmware update – why does it fill me with dread?

My naimuniti was last updated (to version 3.xx) a few years ago to solve a buffering issue.  In the last few weeks it’s developed an annoying habit of initialising its network interface when streaming either radio or music from the NAS.  There is no pattern, it’s random, and sometimes doesn’t happen for days.

Nothing on the network infrastructure side has changed to cause the recent dropouts.  The naim is hardwired to an Apple airport extreme and has been rock solid since the last update.  Also hanging off the airport extreme is an Amazon Fire TV which streams music and movies all day long quite happily with no issues, which suggests the network is a-ok.

Browsing the naim updates page I noticed a firmware update for the uniti, and they finally have a mac OSX app to do it.  I had to purchase a USB<–>rs232 cable then I took a deep breathe and started the process.  In the past, updating firmware on all sorts, from servers, RAID cards, and other devices, it’s always been a bit hit n miss.  Some go really well, other times they fail and take several attempts.

So, USB<–>rs232 plugged in, instructions printed, and off we go.  Reboot the naim and fire off the app.  So far so good:

The naim rebooted a couple of times, by design, and finally –


All that remains is to give it a good thrashing and see if the input initialising issue has gone away.  If it hasn’t then I suppose a call to naim, and no doubt it will need to be sent back to the factory.  I’ll keep you updated.

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