Freemasonry, it’s not what you think. Why not have a read?

Let’s get this out of the way first – I do not have horns, cloven feet, worship the devil or sacrifice children. I’m not taking over the world, I do not control thoughts or manipulate governments. I’m not able to get away with breaking the law or make speeding tickets disappear, neither am I able to get jobs or be promoted. If you think Freemasonry is all that then you need to be with the other conspiracy nuts here.

So what do I do as a Freemason? Well, there’s not an easy answer but in a nutshell I meet like-minded individuals with an interest in ritual, history, charity and helping others in need. Our meetings are in two parts, the first is the formal ceremonial and ritualistic part of the meeting, this is followed by a sit down meal which is the social aspect.

Freemasonry is not a religion, it accepts men of all faiths. You do however have to acknowledge a belief in a ‘Supreme being’ to join, and be over 21. It’s also not a secret society, our Constitutions and rituals are freely available.

The formal definition of Freemasonry can be found on the United Grand Lodge of England’s website.

Personally I love being a Freemason. I’ve met some great people (and some muppets), I’ve become far more confident when speaking in public, I’ve enjoyed learning the ritual and expanding my knowledge and research, I’ve supported charity and those less fortunate, and my wife and I enjoy a great social scene.

Why not have a read of some of these websites to find out more, you never know, you might just be intrigued enough to join. If you do want to join then drop me a line.

United Grand Lodge of England
Freemasonry in Hampshire
More Majorum Lodge No.7786

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Just over 48hrs until we raise 2 members to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. A Burns Supper festive board with 4 prospective members in attendance. Saturday masonry working well in Farnborough. #Freemasons @HantsMason @HantsMasonNE @UGLE_GrandLodge

For this week's #CharityTuesday, we're sharing the @Masonic_Charity Impact Report, demonstrating how #Freemasons have helped to improve the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

You can read the full Impact Report here ➡️

Just 4 days until we pass Bro Nick and initiate Dominic. A strong and keen team of light blues is well prepared. A future candidate is attending our festive board too. @UGLE_GrandLodge @HantsMason @HantsMasonNE

Well, there's a first. We're having to move our Officers' Rehearsal as it clashes with the 🏈 final. Good job the Director of Ceremonies is an accommodating kind of fella... 😂😂

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