Gone to the dark side…

After 8 years as an iPhone user I’ve made a big change and gone to Android.  After playing with the cheap Moto G we bought senior management and seeing how flexible it was my mind was made up.  The nice bods in corporate IT changed my ageing iPhone 4 for a sparkly new Samsung S4.  Once all the updates had come down (just how many are there – it reminded me of the good old days of an unusable Windows PC fresh out of the box that took hours to update) I had to grapple with getting the phone to look and feel how I wanted it, plus install the apps I need/use/want.

The flexibility over iOS is a double edged sword.  Yes, it is more flexible and you can customise the device exactly how you want it, while Apple restrict what you can do, but it took me a bit of faffing about to get the S4 sorted, whereas I had my iPhone ‘just so’ in a matter of minutes.  I still think Apple’s interface is the better of the two, despite it looking a little dated now, although the latest Google Inbox and calendar are leagues ahead of Apple’s offerings.  With iOS everything is where you’d expect it whereas with Android it reminds me of Windows, endless sub-menus and options to get to what you need.

All my favourite apps are now installed: tado, myringgo, FB, twitter et al, plus the naim app to control my hifi.  The Outlook and Office app from Microsoft are great and with the larger screen of the S4 I could work from the phone if I had to.

So, early days with Android but so far so good.  I think it will take a radical overhaul of iOS to get me back in the Apple camp, although I won’t be deserting Apple for the desktop and laptop machines.

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