Google Keep

I’m more or less tied into the Google infrastructure now, having had a beta version of Google Apps years ago which, once launched as a service, gave me a full 50 user Apps package free for life.  Google Apps has been running our email, calendars and cloud storage for several years with no problems.  For mail I use the brilliant Gmelius browser extension for googlemail having given up on Mac mail a while back.  I use the googlemail app, and associated google calendar app and drive app across my devices and all is good in my little world as my information is easily and seamlessly replicated.

The one thing I’ve never got working for me is a note taking/to-do app.  Tried the apple task list but that meant logging into iCloud to sync across devices, then I got rid of the iPhone so that put paid to that.  The method of starring mails in google mail kind of helped with mails I needed to action but didn’t help with a to-do list.   Then I stumbled across Google Keep – what a brilliant little app.  It’s available for android, for chrome, or as a webapp.  I’ve got the android app on my phone and I use the chrome app on my mac air and mac mini.  It seamlessly syncs, allows you to tag items, colour code, create to-do lists, reminders, notes, audio reminders and a load more including collaborate.  As you’d expect with Google it has powerful search built in.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s the app I was looking for all these years, I recommend you give it a go if you have the need.  Now if only Google could sort out the abomination that is ‘contacts’ in the gmail interface…

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