Masonic Ladies’ Nights

It’s been a long tradition within Masonic Lodges, once a year, to hold a Ladies’ Festival.  These are usually over a weekend and consist of a formal black tie dinner, with some toasts and speeches, and some drinking and dancing.

Sometimes they can be very formal and stilted, even archaic, and with the increasing number of younger members in the Lodge, ours have evolved to become a little less rigid with the focus on fun.  We still do the formality with a black tie dress code, but we’ve cut down the toasts and speeches, and got rid of the Song to the Ladies.

They are great opportunities to invite non-members and their partners along to get a feel for what we do, so minimising the old-fashioned masonic elements isn’t a bad idea.  Instead we’ve focussed on the fun, the camaraderie, the fund-raising, and the charitable giving in an effort to attract new members.

What prompted this post was the fact that More Majorum Lodge No.7786 has just held their Ladies’ Festival.  We took over a hotel in Bournemouth for a weekend and had a great time.  The food was good, the drink was plentiful, and the speeches were short.  We held a raffle to raise some cash and the generosity of the members and guests meant we raised over £500 for EDS.  Can’t be bad…

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