New phone time

I’ve had the same mobile number for years, and somehow it has become my ‘work’ number.  Work are pretty flexible about using their phones for the odd personal use and I like the convenience of carrying just one phone around.  However, lately I’m getting fed up of not really being able to switch off work when away or at weekends.  The email app keeps pinging and of course you just have to look at it, even when on leave.

I took the decision to separate work and private life, fully accepting it would mean a new mobile number to give to the select few.  Then the decision was a sim only deal and buy a phone, or pay more and get a handset as part of the monthly fee.  Long story short, I ended up on a sim only deal and after a lot of research bought a Wileyfox Swift 2plus.

Why Wileyfox and not a swanky Samsung, Apple, or Sony?  Being blunt, I couldn’t justify spending £500+ on what after all is just a phone.  I looked at some of the offerings coming out of China, as well as the Motorola range, but the Wileyfox Swift 2plus had all I needed – decent screen, NFC, fingerprint reader, dual sim or sim/sd-card, and decent specs (3GB RAM and 32GB storage).

The icing on the cake was a bloatware free OS (Cyanogen) as close to vanilla android as you can get without buying a Google device.  Having said that, it’s just been announced that Cyanogen is no more so I’m waiting to see Wileyfox’s roadmap for their OS.

So far so good with the phone.  Battery is lasting well, I love the fingerprint reader on the back to unlock it, and despite it being a ‘budget’ phone, it feels well made.  I’ll update later once I’ve used it for a while.

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