New vehicle

A slight change of plan following on from this post, we’re keeping the Mini, and changing the workhorse.  We bought ‘Big Red’ nearly 3 years ago.  It’s a C250 125Edn estate.  Fully loaded (except heated seats!), and a nice 205bhp turbo’d petrol engine under the bonnet.

I’d done 35k miles in it over 30 months at an average of 31mpg.  A service plan took some of the pain away when it came to the annual wallet bashing by Mercedes (last service should have been £900!).  It was a great car, smooth, powerful, comfortable and refined.  However, the paint finish was poor (a known problem with Fire Opal red), and the wheels were made of cheese.  They were never kerbed but were starting to need a re-furb.

I fancied a change, especially as some big bills were approaching so started looking for alternatives.  Long story short, we’ve bought a Lexus CT200h.  Still fully loaded, no where near the power of the Merc, but still as refined and dare I say it, better built?

The dealer was excellent, the car is a revelation (don’t believe the reviews) and I’m liking the 58+mpg average.  The interior is a very pleasant place to be, which is important as I spend my life on the M3, M4, A34 and M25.  Oh, and heated seats….

The hybrid drivetrain is witchcraft.  You honestly can’t tell, without looking at the dashboard, whether it is running on electric, petrol, or both.  You can’t feel the engine kick in and out, it is that smooth.  It’s not a sports car by any means and responds well to smooth, progressive, throttle inputs, rather than just mash the pedal to the floor.

No doubt more updates to come.

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