Tado smart thermostat

Being into gadgets I never pass up the opportunity to indulge.  I’ve been following the development of the various ‘smart’ home thermostats for a couple of months now, the likes of Nest, Tado and Hive.  A long running thread on Pistonheads (a great source of information and recommendations!) gave an insight into all of them from people actually using the tech.

Long story short, I decided on the Tado.  The Nest looks great but doesn’t do much in terms of ‘smartness’ and its clean lines are spoiled by needing to be plugged into a power source.  The Hive is too similar to what we have already, it just adds control via a phone app from anywhere.

I wanted something that did a bit more hence Tado.  It knows where you are in relation to the house (based on your phone) and adapts the heating accordingly.  It learns the characteristics of the house, ie how long it needs to warm up to a certain temperature and how quickly the house cools, and it is also aware of the local weather so takes into account if it is hot and sunny outside.

It arrives next week, then I need to book installation so I reckon in a week/10 days time we’ll be up and running.  Regular reports to follow…


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