These boots are made for walking…

I may have mentioned several times on social media that I have signed up for ‘2015 Frontline Walk’ in aid of the ABF Soldier’s Charity.  This is a 100km walk over 3 days in the first week of October.  We’ll be walking the Western Front from Arras to Ypres.  As such, I needed a new pair of boots.

A mate of mine suggested I look at some of the newer lightweight options from Adidas, Salomon, Merrell and the like.  I toddled off to several outdoor shops to try a load on.  Long story short – I settled for the Merrell Moab mid gore-tex.  As Merrell Moab soon as I put them on they just felt ‘right’.  I also picked up a few pairs of Bridgedale socks on the advice of the various shop assistants I spoke to, not the cheapest at c£16/pair but so far they have been worth every penny.

So, since I bought the boots I have covered over 60 miles with zero problems.  Not a blister or hot spot.  They are supremely comfortable, very grippy and quite lightweight.  I’ve not had to test out the waterproofing aspect yet!

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