Why is car buying so difficult?

We’re pondering a new car to replace our Mini Cooper convertible.  We’re pretty simple to please, it must be automatic, have heated seats, and a good stereo.  That’s about it.  As a second car it does about 5k miles a year so running costs aren’t really an issue.  We’re not fussed whether we buy brand new or up to a year old so you’d think it would be easy wouldn’t you?

We have a short shortlist –

  1. Another Mini
  2. Fiat 500 Abarth
  3. VW Polo GTi


Mini – where to start?  The looks of the new version are ‘challenging’, something is not quite right, it’s just not as resolved as the outgoing model.  And how much?!  Over £22k for a sensible spec is bonkers.

Fiat – hmmm.  Still not 100% sure about the back end.  It’s a bit plasticky inside and there is a new version of the Abarth imminent.  No automatics available for a test drive so that was that.

VW – great car, good price, very nicely made, and a great gearbox in the DSG.  The outright favourite and top of the list.

So, carwow and DriveTheDeal here we come.  Watch this space.

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